Which pet would I mostly want to have?

I would mostly like to have a pet kitten, a pet bird, and a pet lizard. If I had a kitten I would feed it milk. If I had a lizard I would feed it little shrimp. If I had a bird I would feed it worms. I like kittens because kittens are cute. I like birds because birds are beautiful. I like lizards because lizards have scales. I don't like hamsters because hamsters are a kind of mouse. I didn't pick dogs because dogs are messy. I had a pet bunny before, but it grew up and hopped away.You know how I got that bunny? Once there was a mommy rabbit in our yard having three little baby, but my little brother scared the mommy rabbit away so we had to take care of the baby rabbits until they grew up. They grew up really fast and we let them go. And that's the end of the story!