Pets I have

Pets are fun to me. But, I still wish I had a pet cat. Anyway before I was born, my mom had a pet cat. She got it from somewhere. There was a man with a cat, and the cat had kittens, they were so cute! The man said he couldn't keep all of them. So, he gave some free. My mom got one and took care of it until it was a grown up. But, my mom had to give it to one of her friends because, she was having me for a baby and now we never got a pet cat again. But, the only pet we have now is a pet fish. I can't remember when we first got a pet fish but I  do remember this, I had a pet fish. My little brother also had a pet fish. I took care of it until it was blind. It survived a few more days and died. Now only my little brother's fish had survived. My mom says his is also going to die in a few days.