I have 3 jobs that I want to share with you today. the first one is... a zoologist! I have always thought of being a scientist when I was young. the second one is a environmental engineer. I love nature, l love to work with technology, and I love to make things(invent things). all those combined all together is an environmental engineer! And... last but not least is... an inventor! l always have a creative idea that pops into my head that has not yet been invented yet. And l love finding out how things work. those are the 3 jobs that l want to be when I'm a grown up!

The second day of school was a great day! my favorite thing was we had this activity where we have a lot of  boxes and in each box there are words. The words are like questions asking like um... like have you ever camped in a tent before?. Or like can you braid(which means is your hair long enough to become braided). So if you can braid then you write under the words your name and you get complete when every box has someone's name.

My school is called Skaggs Elementary. It has 5 grades. Once I am 12 I am going to be in a middle school called Rice middle school. That middle school has 5 grades too. Those grades are all the way to 10th grade. In 2016 I'm in second grade.  I am in Mrs.Zembower's class. There are 21 students in my class. The other teachers are Mrs. Buchmiller, Mrs.Adair, and Mrs.Ballenger.