My speech made in May 2015:

Hello my name is Iris and today I’m going to talk about my favorite book. I don’t really know what my favorite book is, but I’ll tell you a example of what book I like: leopards. And here's the fun part. The fun part is that I get to learn about leopards and I get to be smarter than before. I got that book from the Davis library. I got it from the animal section. Once my dad got a giant Dinosaur book. I don’t know where he got it from. I don’t think he got it from the animal section. The books in the animal section are smaller. I don’t know why my baby brother’s favorite book is about a chicken family and the main character is a brother chicken and a sister chicken. I kind of like those books but that’s not my favorite books. There are 12 books in the pack. I don’t have all of them at my house. And those books are not from the Davis library. We brought those books from China. There other books from the animal section. But the Davis library doesn’t have signs That tell you where the animal section so every time I leave, when I come back I ask my dad where the animal section is. I don’t know how he knows where the animal section is. Maybe he looked at the side where the pictures show.

In 2015 I made a science project. I worked hard on it. My topic was finding Chinese and English words with the same meaning and similar sound. You can click here to open a copy of my poster. I got one green ribbon for it. That ribbon was for everyone that participated. One of my friends got in second place! Her name was Sanvi.

When I used to go to a daycare every Friday we had a speech. Every topic were not the same, but every year the speeches are the same when you are in the same grade. Everyone's topic were the same. You only get to pick your topic when your teacher says so. Right now my project is to finish all the words in my website!