Phew! Summer is here! Playing games all day? How about play some chess? Chess is fun, easy, and a brain exercise.

So here's how you play: First you need to know the pieces.

This is a pawn:

This is a Rook:

This is a Knight:

This is a Bishop:

This is a King:

And last but not least this is a Queen:

Here's how you set them up:

And now finally you will learn how the pieces move! # I will also give you a head start by telling you the best pieces to put out at the beginning of a game( You can play online at online chess and click the first thing that pops up on your search result)!

1. How do Rooks move?

-Rooks may move any number of vacant squares vertically or horizontally. If an opponent's piece blocks the path, that piece may be captured by moving the rook into the occupied square.

-Pieces cannot be jumped (except when castling). If your piece is on your rook's path, your rook must stop before it.

2. How do knights move?

- Knights are the only pieces that can jump over other pieces. They move in an "L" shaped pattern. That is, two squares horizontally or vertically and then one square perpendicular to that. For example, a knight may move two spaces horizontally and one space vertically, and vice versa.

-The knight cannot be blocked, and only captures pieces that it lands on. In other words, you can "jump" over all the pieces blocking the knight, and capture a piece as you land.

3. How do Bishops move?

-Bishops may move any number of vacant squares in any diagonal direction. Like rooks, they may capture an opponent's piece within its path.

-The bishop can only proceed, land, and capture diagonally on the same color squares as it starts on before the game.

-Just like rooks, if your piece is in their path, they must stop before it. If it's your opponent's piece, you may land on that spot, making a capture.

4. How do Queens move?

-Queens can be thought of as the rook and bishop combined -- the most powerful piece on the board. Queens can move any number of vacant squares diagonally, horizontally, or vertically.

-Attacking with a Queen is the same as with rooks and bishops. That is, you take an opponent's piece that lies within its path by moving to that piece's spot.

5. How do Kings move?

-Kings can move exactly one space in any direction and can attack any piece except the opponent's King and Queen (it cannot go near it or else it would result in check).

-Kings are not offensive pieces. This is the piece you want to protect with the others.

6. How do Pawns move?

- Well, they normally only move forward one space. However, the first time it is moved, it may move forward one or two spaces.

-If another piece is in front of it, the pawn may not move or capture that piece.

-Pawns may only attack a target if the target is one space diagonally forward from the pawn (i.e. up one square and one square to the right or left).

The best thing to move at the beginning of a game is to move the pawns that are in front of the queen. Then, move your Knights. After that move your queen and then move your Bishop or your Rook.


Happy playing!

I have 3 jobs that I want to share with you today. the first one is... a zoologist! I have always thought of being a scientist when I was young. the second one is a environmental engineer. I love nature, l love to work with technology, and I love to make things(invent things). all those combined all together is an environmental engineer! And... last but not least is... an inventor! l always have a creative idea that pops into my head that has not yet been invented yet. And l love finding out how things work. those are the 3 jobs that l want to be when I'm a grown up!

Pets are fun to me. But, I still wish I had a pet cat. Anyway before I was born, my mom had a pet cat. She got it from somewhere. There was a man with a cat, and the cat had kittens, they were so cute! The man said he couldn't keep all of them. So, he gave some free. My mom got one and took care of it until it was a grown up. But, my mom had to give it to one of her friends because, she was having me for a baby and now we never got a pet cat again. But, the only pet we have now is a pet fish. I can't remember when we first got a pet fish but I  do remember this, I had a pet fish. My little brother also had a pet fish. I took care of it until it was blind. It survived a few more days and died. Now only my little brother's fish had survived. My mom says his is also going to die in a few days.

I would mostly like to have a pet kitten, a pet bird, and a pet lizard. If I had a kitten I would feed it milk. If I had a lizard I would feed it little shrimp. If I had a bird I would feed it worms. I like kittens because kittens are cute. I like birds because birds are beautiful. I like lizards because lizards have scales. I don't like hamsters because hamsters are a kind of mouse. I didn't pick dogs because dogs are messy. I had a pet bunny before, but it grew up and hopped away.You know how I got that bunny? Once there was a mommy rabbit in our yard having three little baby, but my little brother scared the mommy rabbit away so we had to take care of the baby rabbits until they grew up. They grew up really fast and we let them go. And that's the end of the story!